Custom Fitting

We are a team of golf enthusiasts led by award-winning PGA Professional "Graeme Bell"We believe that in order to improve aspects of anything in life, measurements have to be taken to quantify where and how to improve. Opinions are useless unless there is factual data to back them up. We give you this data and use all of our measurements of everything to do with your golf game. Be it swing, club, physical, mental or lifestyle. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!

What is Custom Fitting?

Everyone swings a golf club differently and there is no perfect golf swing. Because of this, golf clubs have to be matched to your swing and not the other way about. Manufactures all build clubs differently and not one is the same in construction or design. Understanding how each component can assist a player is a unique skill and something that take years of experience to fully understand. We measure all your impact data and use premium golf balls of your choice to make your fitting the most accurate to your game.

No range balls are used and weather will never compromise the data we collect. Our fittings are all about accurate data and that is what you will always get. Our vast library of shafts, grips and club heads makes us the leaders in custom fitting.

We custom fit Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putters.

We are not sellers of golf clubs, we are purveyors of better golf. We will only sell golf clubs if they improve you and we never compromise on this. This is our mantra.

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence

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