Golf club fitting is a major influence on playing good golf and differs from player to player. Graeme uses the saying, "You wouldn't necessarily wear the same size of shoes as the person next to you, so why use the same golf clubs?". Graeme's holistic approach to coaching is reflected in his Custom Fitting, treating everyone as an individual and catering for their individual needs. His believe is to fit the golf club round the player and not the player round the club. Graeme will also utilize his vast experience in Bio-Mechanics he gained when working in the TaylorMade Performance Lab in Dubai for 2 years. There he was responsible for teaching and fitting using a million dollar 3 Dimensional Motion Capture system, one of only 7 in the world.

What is custom fitting?
Custom Fitting is the process of tailoring golf equipment to an individual's unique needs. When we custom fit we look to address the following:

- adapting to a player's physical dimensions (taller / shorter / large or small hands etc),
- reducing the impact of a players consistent swing fault,
- to encourage the player to adopt the correct technique,
- to eliminate a specific shot problem (slice, draw, pull, push)
- to help the player consistently strike the ball out the middle of the clubface. It will also allow the player to deliver the clubface in a square position at impact more often than if the player was using equipment which was not tailored to their own individual needs.

Who needs custom fitting?
Everyone, no matter of age or handicap will benefit from custom fitting! I always say to my pupils that we don't all wear the same size of shoes, so why should we all use the same golf clubs. The purpose of coming to our Golf Performance Lab is not for us to sell you clubs but to make you a better player and by custom fitting clubs to you we will be able to make your golf better.

What aspects of the club do we customise?
- Shaft type and flex
- Grip size
- Head type
- Lie angle
- Launch angle
- Length
- Swing Weight
- Dead Weight

How do we custom fit?
1. We conducted an interview with the player and find out what they would like the clubs to do.

2. We then assess their current clubs.

3. We then use our Quad Launch monitor device to measure the following data:

- Carry distance
- Complete 3D ball trajectory
- Ball spin
- Total spin and spin axis
- Shot shape
- Launch and impact angles

- Impact speed and post strike impact speed
- Angle of attack and club path angle
- Smash factor
- 3D club trajectory

4. We then use this data to ascertain what specifications the player will need.

5. Using our leading brand fitting carts we build a sample club with the correct specifications and show the player the improved ball flight. The Quad Launch monitor system combined with a PGA Professional's knowledge is the most complete and accurate way to be custom fitted to golf clubs.

If you would like to book an appointment then please contact us by clicking here and also fill out thisform so I can make an informed assesment of your game and what we might need to change.