Custom Club Alterations

Club Customisation and Alteration

Fine tuning your current clubs

Custom fitting is not just about new golf clubs and we can provide all levels of golfers with the same bespoke services that Tour Professionals benefit from on manufacturers Tour Vans. We have assembled a vast array of club building and altering equipment. Ranging from Loft & Lie Machines to shaft frequency analysers. This means that we never have to out source anything and it is only our skilled technicians who deal with your clubs.

?From the most basic alterations to the most complex, we carry out them all to our very high standards.

Price List

Loft & Lie Check = £14 (7Clubs)

Loft & Lie Change = £4 per Club

Re-Gripping = Grip price or £2 per club

Extension = £10 Per Club

Shorten = £5 Per Club

Re-Glue = £5 Per Club

Tip Changing = £5 + £12 Adapter

Re-Shafting = £8 + Cost of Shaft

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